SE3 – Belt & Gearless Home Elevators

State of the art technology finally at a very low cost.SE3-Model works on a patented belt drive technology with counterweights. This in turn helps with  better speed, no friction, completely ruling out the possibility for greasing and oiling.

  • No Greasing or oil replacement
  • No headroom
  • 0.6Mts/s speed
  • 6 stop variant
  • Vastu Compliant
  • TUV certified
  •  Pit of 250mm
  • No machine room
  • New tech
  • Single-phase
  • Can be updated with software
  • Comes with SS finished glass doors
  • Coin tested for an ultra-smooth ride
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As you are well aware other companies provide this kit for a very premium cost starting at 40L. We at stag believe cost shouldn’t play a key vital role for once safety and well being. Hence we have completely brought this down for a much affordable rate.

Elevators Features

Auxiliary Soft Start & Stop

This revolutionary design works on the belt drive. Which is by far the best in the vertical transportation system, similar to your commercial elevators but with all the safety of a home elevator. The drive provides more speed and ultimate comfort.

Different Entry Points

The home elevator comes with different entry points such as

  • Frontal access
  • Adjacent access
  • Lateral access
  • Opposite access

Diagnostic Notification System

The diagnostic notification system is a built-in AI feature that helps in notifying the customer of any error in advance this will help our tech support team to immediately rectify the error rather than checking the entire elevator.

Bespoke Design

We believe each and every individual is different with the way they build their house. Hence these elevators are bespoke to client specifications. We Guarantee we use the ultimate premium finish for all our products.

No Lubrication Required

In a traditional elevator, it’s a must to get the lift oiled and lubricated every 6 months once. However, in stag elevators this technology is obsolete. We believe in people’s privacy hence it is mandatory for customers to look into this option

Exclusive Features of

Machine Directive 2006/42/Ec

Tailor Made

Eco Friendly

Custom Design

Error Notifications System

TUV Certification

Magnetic Control Drive

No oil Replacement

Plug and Play


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