SE2- Hydraulic Home Elevators with Shaft

If you are looking for cutting-edge tech, with 194 levels of safety parameters. We provide the SE2. This is model is completely imported from Italy where we follow all the guidelines of safety and quality.

  • Customized cabin
  • Single-phase for power efficiency
  • No pit
  • No headroom
  • No machine room
  • No govt. licensing
  • Soft start and stop
  • No regular Amc
  • TUV Certified
  • Vastu compliant
  • No greasing and oiling required
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We provide maximum authenticated safety protocol for children and senior citizens by ruling out any failure in an emergency situation.

Elevators Features

Soft Start and Stop

This is to ensure you do not feel any jerk while traveling from one floor to the other. The advantage of SSS is we use a 3-valve system and high powered motor for a stable ride.

No Greasing and Oiling

Our home elevators don’t require any kind of oil and greasing. As oil attracts dust which leads to regular maintenance. This feature is a must for all home elevators. Hence making the elevator more durable.

Customized Design

We provide high-end customization at an affordable cost. Every home comes with different requirements. Hence we build your home elevator from scratch to finish as per your preference, keeping safety in mind.

Instillation Made Easy

We are the only ones to make cold folded shafts from India. The product can be installed within 20 days’ time. We also do complete turnkey projects for home use. From core cutting to plastering and painting.

Power Supply

Our elevators come with state-of-the-art power management. We require only single-phase power with 15 Amps for the lift to be operated. The efficiency in power management helps the elevator come down without any power consumption.


Our elevators come with the latest in patented tech called DNS (Diagnostic notification system) this helps you to completely avoid AMC. As most of the companies generate more revenue on this model we believe the client should have a complete understanding of their elevator and would only require to call us when needed otherwise.

Exclusive Features of

Machine Directive 2006/42/Ec

Tailor Made

Eco Friendly

Custom Design

Error Notifications System

TUV Certification

Magnetic Control Drive

No oil Replacement

Plug and Play


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